Origin Story

"When I started drumming, there was no reliable place to buy, repair, or maintain my drum. One would have to order online,  or try to find someone through word of mouth. I saw that enough people were going through the same thing I was. From there on out, I knew I could be the solution to establish San Diego's one stop drum shop, Mundo Music."

 - Ignacio Coyopa

Why Mundo Music?

Supporting us, supports the vision to share world folk music with everyone. To show younger generations the passion and tradition their ancestors carried and passed on through the legacy of music. Playing traditional music, learning about the culture, and connecting with other individuals fosters a sense of family, community, and belonging. Our shop helps bring awareness to the drums of West Africa and the culture that they have created in San Diego and all over the world.

Quality vs. Quantity

We're in this for the long haul! Unlike quantity sellers who want you to purchase drums that function as souvenirs or decoration, we will only sell you the highest quality instruments that are meant to be played, loved, shared, and can be passed down for generations. As a local business, we are invested in and accountable to San Diego's Drum and Dance Community. We only make and sell instruments that we are proud to put our name on.